It has never been easy to produce a strategy based on conservative and nationalist values such as religion, sect, history and culture, which struggle not with power but with politics itself, and which will transform the established perception in society.

Whereas, the arrow on the emblem was "nationalism" and the name of the party was "the people".

Focus Groups

According to our target audience analysis, which we obtained by synthesizing the Maslow hierarchy and socio-cultural and socio-economic tables; We had to develop a program that would make economic inequality felt rather than economic problems. This program; It has been the foundation and focus of our strategy, which includes organizational motivation.

Target Groups

In this context, we decided to organize an aggressive and clear campaign. We decided that it would be better to turn the strategy of power in our favor, rather than oppose the polarization policy that power has placed in society. In this sense, we separated the management from the public and adopted a populist communication language.

Republic People's Party

The decline of the republican wing, which has dominated the party for years and could not find a response in the society, and the strengthening of the populist wing convinced us that we can communicate with the target audience in a healthy way.


We were aware that the codes of this communication are not in words and accurate information, but in social, cultural and emotional rapprochement in matters accepted by the majority of society. ...and we brought together today's generation and their ancestors with advice.